Weight training quickly became a passion for Stan from the moment he stepped into the weights room. To ensure continual progression, Stan set himself new goals on a regular basis – aiming to build a great physique. Stan knew that if he gave it his all, he would one day achieve just that. After several months of training hard in the gym, Stan was able to build a muscular, defined, and sculpted physique. Those around him in the gym were impressed by his efforts, at which point they encouraged Stan to compete on the bodybuilding stage.

Because of his triumphs on the bodybuilding stage, Stan realized that he wanted to help others achieve the same level of success. He started personal training to achieve this, setting up his own business in the process. All thanks to his hard work and dedication, Stan was able to make his mark no matter where his bodybuilding journey took him. He changed weight class several times, competing in the middleweight, welterweight, and light heavyweight divisions.


Stan has teamed up with the best trainers in the industry, establishing Physique Inc. as the go-to platform for the person seeking expert guidance and accountability. Whether you are a newcomer to the world of fitness, or you know how to eat and train, or you are a fitness pro, Physique Inc.'s elite online coaching service gives you the extra edge needed to take your physique to the next level.

Over the years, Stan and his team have repeatedly shown the value of their elite knowledge by changing the lives of several high profile clients. They have not only inspired his clients to reach their fitness goals, but also their online followers, and now by applying world class knowledge with online training methods the team will reach a wider audience.

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